Best Keycap Sets with new Profile Designs 2023

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It’s snowing keycaps!

Well not just keycaps but new profile designs… I had the urge to discuss the new keycap profile designs that are adding up in my Wishlist.

Newer designs interest me not only because they add new life to the keyboard- a slight change in profile can give a completely new experience. (Please don’t get me started on switches).

Cherry keycaps have oft been considered among the best keycap profile sets because of their ergonomics (fancy term for something that is best fitted for human beings)

However, there are other designs like SA and DSA which are user friendly, have a classic yet funky look and provide a great typing experience to non-gamers as well.

Every keycap profile design has its own unique feature which makes it significant compared to the previously present keycap designs.

Best Keycap Profile Designs on the market in 2022

MT3! MT3! MT3!

MT3 keycaps are among the most popular high profile new keycap design sets. The design has similarities to SA but still different enough to give it it’s very own appearance and feel. The tall design and sloped edges are great for users that prefer a lot of feel.

DROP+Matt3o High Profile Key-caps, MX Style Covers is one set to take a look at. This custom mechanical keyboard set is compatible with Cherry switches, Preonic, Carina and other compatible keyboards.

If you are looking for a classic and vintage custom keyboard look, Drop MT3 is the perfect pick for you. These nostalgic high profile keycaps are based off of vintage IBM terminals from the 1970’s.

DROP + Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari Custom Keycap Set, ABS Hi-Profile Keycaps, Doubleshot Legends, MX Style Covers Fullsize, Tenkeyless, Winkeyless, 60%, 65%, and 75% (Base Kit)

DROP GMK White on Black Keycap Design

Drop GMK White-On-Black Custom Mechanical Keyboard Keycap Set - 140-keys, Doubleshot ABS Bow, Cherry Profile, for 60%, TKL, 1800 Layouts, etc,

This made in Germany GMK has a classy look with the white on black design. The keycaps are ultra-thick and durable.

This Cherry Tool formulated keycap design is multi-functional; however, it is most favorable for long typing sessions and offices.

The number of keys is 140 with double shot ABS Bow. And it’s hard to go wrong with German engineering when it comes to workmanship.


If you’re looking forward to something that will lighten up not only your desk but your whole life up (no, you’ve guessed wrong- it is not something RGB).

It is the magnificent Red Samurai Drop GMK. It is red, it shines gold and it has the blues.

This mechanical keyboard keycap set is sculpted in Cherry profile which means it has a wide range of compatibility including cherry clones too. Cherry keycap profiles are usually considered to be a great middle-ground between the ultimate gaming and typing experience.

The color way is fiery (just like you at home) with the touch of red, gold and grey. If you have a look at it, nothing seems out of line. The keycap profile is user friendly, the material used is out class the dimensions are perfect and the colors are well balanced.

DROP + Redsuns GMK Red Samurai Keycap Set for 65% Keyboards - Compatible with Cherry MX Switches and Clones (65% 75-Key Kit)

The other option is Blue in place of red which gives it a more surreal and cooler look. The pop of gold is subtle because of its matte appearance.

DROP GMK Redsuns Blue Samurai Custom Mechanical Keyboard Keycap Set – 153-keys, Doubleshot, Cherry…
  • GO BLUE OR GO HOME: For every champion, there is a challenger. Introducing the Drop + RedSuns GMK Blue Samurai keycap set: the much-anticipated counterpart to RedSuns GMK Red Samurai.
  • INSIRED BY THE SAMURAI CODE: Inspired by General li Naomasa—founding father of the Samurai code, famous for his red-clad armor—this set turns the old guard on its head with a brand-new new…
  • SWITCH COMPATIBILITY — Sculpted in Cherry profile, GMK Blue Samurai is compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones including but not limited to Kaihua, Halo, and Gateron

They are yin and yang- one for the days when you have awakened the lion in you, and other for days when you chill with lo-fi music.

That was pretty basic”  

 Yeah, GEN Z I heard you.

Moreover, another new design is being produced in collaboration with GMK.

Matt3o is designing a new keycap profile set but with a lower height than the MT3, spherical round tops and aiming for perfect geometry.

The new design has been codenamed ‘MTNU’.

The key features of the new keycap profile design (as of May 25 targeting a 2023 Q1 release) include:

  • Medium height (because there’s no need to exaggerate your height)
  • Spherical Geometry
  • Smooth top
  • Curved edges (we all like that.. don’t we?)

Medium Height Profile – why?

Ergonomically talking, the tall keycap profile sculpted like SA was not THAT friendly towards people who type a lot.

The new keycap profile design (possibly coming in early 2023) with medium height range looks promising. The height of the full blast double-shot PBT keycaps lie between MT3 and DSA. This makes it quite different than the existing MT3 profile.

MTNU Profile vs SA
MTNU (bottom) vs SA profile (courtesy of Matt3o)

They will ship with an R1-1-2-3-4-4 row layout due to ease of manufacturing.

The sneak-peak of the design shows it to be a spherical round top with curved edges.

The keys are designed to make a smooth harmonic curve when placed in a mechanical keyboard (as you can see in the design)

Matt3o, the designer, says that your fingers will have an experience they have never had before. The prototypes as of October 17 have ‘nailed the texture’. The keycaps are not scooped out like regular keycaps but have a structure designed to ensure smoothness throughout the profile. The finish is described as velvety which definitely sounds appealing.

The difference between both the designs is evident. The new keycap design in 2023 is far more human friendly than the MT3. The base size is also 0.1mm smaller than the previous MT3 and that makes it a good fit for all kinds of mechanical keyboards (even if they are out of shape).

The reason why this keycap profile design could be a revelation in 2023, is because Matt3o is prioritizing getting the profile design perfect before involving manufacturers.  From above, the profile looks more circular and cup shaped than the squarer MT3.

New MTNU Profile vs MT3
MTNU Prototype vs MT3- much rounder (courtesy of Matt3o)

The price range and availability is yet to be released as of 22/12/2022.

Stay tuned for a big announcement regarding MTNU!

Thanks to Matt3o for talking to us about your projects, and for the use of your images.

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