Best mechanical gaming keyboards- Thekeeblog reviews

Have a need for speed? Are you finding it harder to compete against “sweats” online on PC? The time has come. via GIPHY There are many mechanical gaming keyboards on the market. The best keyboard for you will depend on your personal preferences and needs. Some popular options include: –Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT: This … Read more

Keycap materials guide- ABS vs PBT and more!

Even if you’re not a gamer or don’t have a man cave, your surfing sessions need to be calm and relaxing. So, we’ll help you choose the right materials for your keycaps- for the best longevity and typing experience. Press the down key to ‘unlock’ the best keycap materials. Keycaps Keycaps are a small cover, … Read more

GMK Fan Favourites- My top keycap set picks from Kono.Store!

GMK Storm – An Elegant Grayscale Gradient Set Novelties Kit Sold Separately A very beautiful and elegant grayscale gradient colorway. The blueish greys of a thunderstorm all packed into high quality GMK keycaps. Stom-themed deskmats are still available for sale to match the keycap set – get them while you still can! Key Features: GMK … Read more

Create beautiful colorways with Keyboard Simulator


Keyboard Simulator ( has been doing the rounds on reddit recently- thanks to user jbryant3 for unearthing this gem. Even though the Keyboard Simulator app has been around since 2020, it turns out a lot of people didn’t know about this handy tool. Myself included! How to use the Keyboard Simulator Keyboard Simulator allows you … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Custom Keyboard Cables

Cat with cool keyboard cables

Does your keyboard need a fancy cable? Well, let me answer that question with another question. Does your keyboard deserve a fancy cable? … cool keycaps, and maybe even a custom mouse to match, it only makes sense to complete the look. BUT, custom cables don’t have to be a purely aesthetic choice. As I will explain in the later sections, they can provide a lot of utility and organization to your setup.