The Leobog K81 75% is magnificent to look at and a lot of fun to type on

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I am very exciting to share with you my review of the Leobog K81 (Mint green, Ice crystal linear switches)

Leobog K81 Aesthetic and keycap profile

It’s a really unique translucent aesthetic, including pudding style keycaps with a profile harking back to the DSA profile of the 80’s and also looks a little bit like a morse code console. I believe this profile is officially called ASA Profile- it seems similar to DSA.

ASA Keycap Profile
ASA Keycap Profile

How does the keyboard sound and feel?

I’d have to say this is probably one of the most joyous keyboards to use that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing so far. Everything is just so well integrated that it really does feel like a complete unit. The board is pleasingly weighty and the gasket mounting adds to the solid feel. The Ice crystal linear switches, while being linear are pleasing in terms of sound are effortless to press. The sound of each key stroke rivals the best built, lubricated set ups out there and would be worthy to be the lead singer of a keyboard ASMR channel. The board is so finely tuned that even the subtle variation in size and shape of some of the keys is enough to produce a different yet pleasingly subtle note. The space bar has been set up tp provide some haptic variation with twin stabilizers and a tactile switch (I can tell because if I press it slowly there is a slight notch that helps adjust the feel and timing of the keystroke.

Each translucent key has a thin PBT cover which is actually quite nice to press on. I am also enjoying the wider key spacings though I’m used to fatter faces that are closer together.

Leobog K81’s RGB Lighting modes

The 16 RBG lighting modes are also very cool. My favorite mode seems to be one that lights up each individual key press in a different color for a few seconds before fading away.

The translucent case reveals how carefully the visible components have been assembled.

It comes with the 3 connection modes that you need- the 2.4ghz mode is extremely fast as I write this article. It also comes with a standard keycap puller but it does come with a pretty cool sproingy USB cable for direct connection and charging.

I uploaded a youtube video where I mostly cover how the keyboard sounds and feels, but I also go through each of the RGB modes and the build quality.

I am still mastering the art of making keyboard thumbnails. Lol

High build quality

The keyboard also has some nice solid rubber feet which I think is possibly a better solution than the retractable stilts in terms of stability, and it definitely works well for what this board was going for.

One thing I also liked is the knob has a little click as you turn it which is a really nice touch. Clicking the button also functions as a mute switch which is pretty handy. What I love about this board is that the designers have tried to optimize pretty much every factor and done a great job. `

Leobog K81 Volume Knob
Leobog K81 Volume Knob

TheKeeBlog verdict:

Our Verdict: The Leobog K81 is a great keyboard which I think is great quality and value for its current retail price. The stock keycap profile may not be for everyone but the keycaps and switches are hot swappable and I actually really enjoy the new typing experience. This keyboard is among the best I’ve reviewed and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a really well built unit that sounds and feels amazing out of the box while also bringing something new in terms of aesthetic and typing experience to the table.

I am giving this keyboard 5/5 stars because I genuinely love it and it’s as close to perfection as you can get out of the box. A lot of people would give an arm and a leg to get their builds to perform like this.

Leobog K81 Review BreakdownRatingExplanation
Sound5/5This board sounds pretty great, very enjoyable and ASMR like with a little bit of variance
Feel 4.5/5The ASA profile brings a unique feel to to table which is super enjoyable and old skool. Not the most continental keycap choice but I like it! There is an overhang on the top part of the case from the bottom which makes the case seem a little less streamlined but this is neutral from my perspective. Leobog have integrated some haptic variance quite nicely with a different switch in the spacebar and stabilisers.
Value4.5/5I think the Leobog offers great value for the price point
Quality5/5Build quality looks and feels great
Overall Rating5/5One of the best keyboards I’ve reviewed
Check out the Leobog K81 Product Page on here