This is epic: My Mikit Dk65 Currant with Gold Brown Pro Switches

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First impressions/unboxing

Mikit DK 65
This is the Mikit Dk 65 Currant

Mikit kindly sent out a free DK 65 Currant sample for me to check out. My first impression- what a unique look! The purple and yellow color matched case and keycap color way really brings a fun yet deliberate aesthetic. 2 different tones of purple add depth subtlety to the board.

Mikit Goodie box
Mikit Goodie box- containing some handy accessories such as the USB cable, the 2.4Ghz wireless receiver and a keycap puller. While the Mikit can connect via Bluetooth, it’s handy to have the two other connection mode options as the 2.4ghz and wired connections can add another level of speed for gaming, and general reliability.
Some fun stickers that you can put on your keyboard, guitar or laptop.

Putting the Mikit DK65 to work

Mikit in the workplace- thought the Dk65 has a bright colorway, it’s done so tastefully that it integrates well into the workplace. The double shot PBT keycaps have very well printed legends. I gave the Mikit to my friend to take into work to test and it was the talk of the town amongst all his colleagues. He’s reported that the Mikit has made his work day significantly more enjoyable and that he looks forward to coming into the office to use it.

Unique Features

Using the Mikit DK 65 mechanical Keyboard

The Mikit Dk65 features a unique and cleanly integrated volume slider in addition to a brightness control knob, on the left hand side. I’ve had trouble finding any other keyboards with a volume slider which is a super handy feature for easy access to adjusting the volume quickly in a teams meeting without having to fiddle around to find the speaker icon in the taskbar.

The dual slider and button combo makes the keyboard a fair bit wider than the typical 65% but the handy thing is (excuse the pun) that they can be operated by the left hand while the right hand uses the mouse or arrow keys, so it’s not at all intrusive. In addition to this width, it looks like the keycaps themselves and the underlying switches also may be placed at a slightly wider than average width, which is not a bad thing for typing accuracy.

Sound and user experience

Mikit typing test- apologies for the painful background noise! The noise is extremely satisfying without being overpowering and the keyboard achieves a good amount of dampening which gives it what I would describe as a very native and integrated feel- as though everything is meant to be there for a reason.

I’m not sure exactly what it is about the Mikit when it comes to typing, but the responsiveness and smoothness of the key presses are outstanding- and this is considering tactile gold brown pro switches are installed. The keystrokes provide a pleasing amount of verbal feedback for the little force required. The lubricated stabilizers (basically the mini switches placed underneath and on the side of the larger keys) such as the spacebar really help to provide a clean hit on those bigger keys.

Mikit Support team

I would add that I’ve been in touch with the Mikit support team about how impressed I am with their product and they’ve been extremely fast to reply with any helpful information- providing some great customer support.

Mikit DK 65– Available from the Mikit store