Delectable Marshmallow XDA Keycaps Review- these are scrumptiously epic!

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Like me, you’ve probably come across these Marshmallow XDA keycaps on some site or another while surfing. But do they perform as well as they look? And how does the XDA keycap profile stack up against crowd favorites like Cherry and OEM?

Marshmallow Keycaps Close up
Marshmallow Keycaps Close up

Honestly, my first impressions after a couple days use are promising and favorable.

Marshmallow Keycap Sound Test

The keycaps sound very good sitting over the top of both Thoccy carrot switches and lighter sky blue switches. They have a great full sound to them.

How does the XDA Keycaps Feel Test

The large surface area which leaves just enough gap between the keys makes for a very solid and satisfying keystroke.

Marshmallow Keycap Sound Test

Marshmallow Keycap Quality

Although I’ll need to do more wear testing- none of the printing shows any kind of blemishing, smudging or wear so far. They are PBT Dye sub which is well done for the price range.

Marshmallow Keycap Color Scheme

The pastel color scheme is well appreciated for daily use, yet bright enough to be fun and visually interesting.

TheKeeBlog Verdict:

My ratings for the Marshmallow XDA Keycaps:

VisualsVery appealing pastel color palate yet not overwhelming- good visibility of the lettering and really nice blending of the pinkish red and the pastel blues into one unit- yellowish marshmallow color balances everything out very well.4.5/5
FeelThe keys feel quite good for the price, no problems really and mount very well to the switches. The larger keys such as the space bar actually feel better and more secure than many other sets4/5
QualityThese keycaps seem to be pretty well made to me, the letterings show no sign of wear or any morphing of the keycaps after moderate use. 4/5
Value for MoneyI can’t really complain here as it’s a great set of keycaps that certainly won’t blow the budget! These keycaps are PBT Dye Sub and seem to be very well done for the price- usually keycaps in this price range are softer ABS and wear more easily. 5/5
XDA ProfileI quite like this profile- it’s not overly aggressive so you won’t get as much sensory feedback as what you’d get from a high sculpted profile but it’s a good balance of diameter and spacings. Even though the top surface area is reasonably large I rarely seem to hit the wrong key.4.5/5
SoundThese sound awesome with a variety of tactile and linear switches.4.5/5
Overall verdictIf I was a stock market analyst I would rate these a buy!4.5/5
Marshmallow Keycaps
Don’t mind the fact that I accidently put a volume key in instead of an arrow key :/

Marshmallow XDA Sets available on Amazon:

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  • 【Durable PBT Material】With high-quality PBT material and an anti-grease coating, these keycaps provide top-notch durability and an excellent feel for your typing. less prone to grime buildup.
  • 【Dye Sublimation Process】The keycap adopts advanced dye sublimation technology, the color pattern is more vivid, not afraid of oil stains, and has a long service life.
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  • Good Material: The keycap is Made of PBT material, excellent to touch. The thickness is about 1.5mm. No fading and no dust accumulation. Good gift to the Mechanical Keyboard lover.
  • XDA Profile Keycaps: keycap surface curvature to fit the fingers, more comfortable typing, It is not easy to fatigue after long-term use and has better comfort.

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