The Cheeseboard! Have you seen these unparalleled cheese styled keycaps?

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That… is… cheesy! This cheeseboard looks suspiciously tasty to me. How do we know that this cheeseboard isn’t actual cheese?

It turns out you can get heaps of handmake cheese caps from various sellers on etsy. This guy even makes spacebars and shift keys. What impresses me most about the cheese keycaps used in the build is that there are so many different variations with uniquely placed cheese holes- so a lot of effort must have gone in to forming each cheesy cap.

One user commented asking “What did you do to Spongebob?” I can’t un-see the resemblance now.

byu/Pinecone from discussion

Cheese keycaps seem to be among the most popular artisan keycaps and despite their vintage of a few years on sale, they are showing no signs of ageing. TBH I’ll probably pick some of these up for myself pretty soon but I’m also trying (and failing) to resist buying random stuff for a while. Just make sure to keep mice, rats and Wallace and Gromit well away from your cheese keycap setup.