Keychron K2 Review (Aluminum Bezel)- a good quality entry level option

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Here’s a review of the Keychron K2. It’s a compact 75% keyboard that retains a row of function keys. This particular model has an aluminium bezel, soldered Keychron Pro Brown switches and standard Keychron Keycaps. It’s able to connect to your PC by wired or Bluetooth.

Keychron K2 packaging/unboxing
Keychron K2 packaging/unboxing.
2 mode backstand
2 mode backstand. I found that using the backstand was essential to give the keyboard stability. Two height options is handy.
Keychron Goodies- Extra caps to convert from Mac to windows, a keycap puller and cable
Keychron Goodies- Extra caps to convert from Mac to windows, a keycap puller and cable. Because this board is the soldered version it doesn’t come with a switch puller. I do have another K2 board that is hot-swappable, but the switch puller really sucked so I’d suggest using your own (it was too short and just about gave me carpal tunnel.
Keychron K2 Aluminum Bezel
Keychron K2 with Aluminum Bezel

I like the double shot PBT keycaps on the keychron K2. The retro colorways are fairly low key but the font is a nice choice on the legends and it color matches nicely with the silvery-brown of the aluminum bezel.

The Keychron K2 case is actually plastic- but it has an aluminium bezel that adds a touch of quality
The Keychron K2 case is actually plastic- but it has an aluminium bezel that adds a touch of quality. It’d be ideal if there was a little bit more weight in the bottom of the board to give keystrokes a more solid feel and add a bit of dampening. It might just be my personal preference but because the aluminum bezel only sits on the top it feels top heavy. Its light plastic case doesn’t lend itself to being quite as smooth as some more weighty plastic alternatives.
Keychron K2 Soldered Pro Brown Switch Typing Test. I’m actually pretty impressed with the sound of this board. I’ve also tested out the hot-swappable version of this board, but I actually didn’t like the feel of the switches as much as the soldered version, so for the K2 I’d be more inclined to recommend the non-hotswappable option.

Our Verdict: The Keychron K2 with Aluminium Bezel is a buy- but go for the Soldered version and save up for a weightier, higher quality hot-swappable board.

VersionKeychron K2 Soldered with Aluminium Bezel:Keychron K2 Hotswappable Aluminium
Sound3.5/5 (for the price very good)2.5/5

Below is a link to the K2 I reviewed that you can find on Amazon. A Black Friday Deal Update- I also found the K2 Pro is on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday which you can find here. I’ve also got some handy 6 Month Free Prime Trial signups for college students and also a general 30 day free trial that you can use to get the discounted prices.

Keychron K2 75% Layout Bluetooth Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Double-Shot Retro Keycaps/Type-C…
  • Keychron K2, a 75% layout 84 keys aluminum frame wireless mechanical keyboard (non-backlight) giving you all the keys and function you need while keeping it compact.
  • With a unique Mac layout while compatible with Windows, the Keychron K2 has all essential multimedia and function keys you need. Extra keycaps for both Windows and Mac operating systems are included.
  • Connects with up to 3 devices via the reliable Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset and switch among them easily for multitasking needs. The K2 is best to fit home, office and light gaming use while…

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