Recap: Orange County Keys Meetup 12.14.2019

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This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a local keyboard meetup organized by Orange County Keys (ig: @orangecountykeys). Lots of cool people. Lots of cool keyboards. And I got to meet a keeb celebrity, Taeha Types! (check out his YouTube for build streams, type sound videos, and other cool stuff).

I was also able to meet OC Key’s very own Andy Nguyen. He makes super helpful videos for the custom mechanical keyboard community including tips, guides, and reviews. More importantly and unlike The Keeblog, he uses media from the current era: Glorious YouTube.

Please check out his footage of the event here!  If you are as impressed with his video quality and editing as I was, please check his video descriptions to see what equipment he uses. And don’t forget to subscribe to his channel!

At the meet, there were tons of different keyboards each customized to the liking of their masters. It was very easy to bring the The-Keeblog’s-Handpicked-Ultimate-Awesome-Selection-of-the-Best-Keyboards-Ever-That-Only-The-Keeblog-Likes-Because-Nobody-Really-Likes-Compact-Layouts Collection since they were so tiny:

Various compact keyboards from the orange county keys meetup

You may have seen some of these from my WOMD posts. Yes, I am guilty of bothering fellow OC Keebnerds to visit this blog (Hi and Thanks if you did!). And hey, another pro of itty-bitty keyboards: Everything I brought fit in one backpack!

There was definitely tons of stuff to do. Some brought their rare artisan keycap collections and you could even trade or buy keyboard things from fellow keebnerds!

As you can see, set up right next to me are a few much cooler keyboards:

Board with Jelly POM keycaps with matching Yeti Artisans made by Tiny

This board had Jelly POM keycaps with matching Yeti Artisans made by Tiny (ig: @tinymakesthings). It looks… delicious.

Collection of assorted mechanical keyboard switches

If you’ve read Switches Matter and disagree, you would have a bad time at this spot. Also, you are wrong. Ryan (Discord: @SirShakes#1337) has an impressive collection of over 248 switches (I think) that were almost all completely unique (I know). His collection has over 378 different switches! Some rare switches as well as some community favorites from our friends at ZealPC.

Please visit ZealPC through my affilate link here! They are currently running a huge sale on everything including their famous Purple Zealios V2 Switches.

Typing Speed Contest!

Mechanical keyboard type speed

Around half way through the meet, the Type Speed Contest started where contestants could type on their own boards and compete on who could type the fastest and most accurate. Lots of interesting boards here and there was even one that came in with an entire keyboard full of artisan keycaps. Naturally, that person didn’t win but everyone was impressed on how much he could get done with all those funky keys. 

Taeha Types also competed and came in second only to someone with otherworldly typing skills. I recall one his results to be over 175 WPM with 100% accuracy (which is over 4 times the average human typing speed and like way more accurate than normal humans, probably).

Raffle Time!

Sponsors/Raffle Time!

I unfortunately was not able to stay for the raffle so I offered my ticket to a handsome young man in exchange for visiting my website. I had one more site visit that day. You could say I am all about that hustle. So, big shout out to you if you’re still here! “You da you da best” -Drake, Best I Ever Had.

There were some big names sponsoring the program including HyperX, Summit Cables, PimpMyKeyboard (Signature Plastics), NovelKeys, KBDFans, and TX Keyboards. They were all kind enough to donate some neat raffle prizes:

Here is some more awesome that happened at the OC Keys Meetup:

Alessio. He is important so I am mentioning him.