What’s On My Desk? Ep. 1

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Welcome to the very first episode / blog-a-sode / something-a-sode of “What’s on my desk?”! Here I will keep everyone posted about what I am currently using. Though I don’t think this is something that will change too often, I may switch out some setups here and there and will be updating the main “What’s on my desk?” along the way! I have plans in the future to feature some of YOUR setups as well so please subscribe to my email list and stay tuned for that. Your camera is probably way better than mine anyway.

The Keyboard:

The Mouse: Elecom HUGE Trackball Mouse, ~$55.

The Desk Pad: Grovemade Premium Dark Wool Felt Desk Pad (Small) $50
I have been using this one for a about a year now. While I can vouch for the quality, I personally think the price is a bit steep. There is no grip on the back so it easily slides around if your set up requires movement (I sometimes slide it over when I need more space for pen-and-paper-type work.)

Other Stuff:

  • Notebook: Baron Fig Confidant $18. Referral link  (Give $10, Get $10).
  • Pen: Baron Fig Squire $55 + Pen Stand $24
  • Off-pic Honorable Mention: Aukey 4-port USB Hub. I have one of these on every workstation. Very useful, especially if you are frequently moving USB Drives and Dongles around.
  • Chogokin Keycappie (better pic below). You can get this little guy here. “What purpose does Keycappie serve?”, you may ask. My answer is: Keycappie makes me happy, that’s why. This Keycappie has a Gateron Ink Yellow Switch with a White SA R3 Blank.

Quick side note on blank keycaps: Pimpmykeyboard.com is my go-to for buying blanks keycaps. They sell them a la carte in packs and come in handy if you have a nonstandard spot on your board that you need to fill.