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Hello fellow keebros and keebnerds!

Wanted to check in to let you know that there is more mechanical keyboard content on the way! I have recently been caught up with real life and other businesses but have been working behind the scenes on some quality content for all my readers. Here are just a few things I am working on bringing to you:

Handwired Keyboard Tutorial and Kits

I will soon be posting an in depth guide on wiring your own mechanical keyboard from scratch! It will be based on one of my prototypes as seen on WOMD #2. In addition to sharing the guide, I will also be offering the plate kits for sale so you can follow along and build your very own The Keeblog (TKB) Designed Keyboard.

I have found a vendor that has the capability of producing the designs FAST and MADE-TO-ORDER so you won’t have to months to get your parts for your keyboard build. 

The Keeblog Store

The Keeblog will always be a blog first but from my own experience and even now I find that one of the biggest barriers into the hobby is how difficult it is to find things for sale and how long it takes to get your first parts from a group buy. Especially when introducing new people to the hobby the first thought that usually turns them away is something along the lines of: “I have to pay this much and wait this long for it? Lame.” *heartbreak ensues*

I have been in talks with some local and international affiliates to bring my readers and guests an online store to purchase mechanical keyboard parts at a great value. You can expect to find keycap sets, switches, artisans/novelties, and PCB’s. (And if people care enough, maybe even some Keeblog merch!). 

Beginner Friendly Content

I received a lot of positive feedback from some of the more fundamental articles I have posted like Switches Matter and Overview of Different Keycap Profiles so I will be writing more of these. 

I am currently working on a Soldering 101 for Mechanical Keyboards guide to help keebnoobs prevent melted artisans and burns (ouch!). “Easy Mode” keymap programming tutorial on the way as well!

Thanks everyone for patiently waiting for content! Life can get hectic but I am working on The Keeblog as often as possible.


Mitchell a.k.a. keeblogger

EIC, The Keeblog