What’s On My Desk? Ep. 2

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Today, I’ll be sharing something that changes a bit more often: my home setup! Naturally, the home setup is for work, play, and study and that that in mind, things tend to change and move around more often. Looking back, when I was prototyping the SMORTCAR, I had 3 different boards on my desk at the same time! Let’s dive right in:

The Keyboard: 

  • Keycaps: /dev/tty MT3 Profile Keycaps with the Triumph Mod kit.
  • Case: Layered Acrylic Case with a Stainless Steel Plate. These will be included in the SMORTCAR KB design files / laser cut link that I will make available with the hardwire tutorial.
  • PCB: LOL What PCB? It’s hardwired!
  • Switches: Drop (formerly Massdrop) Holy Panda Switches
  • Cable: 3ft Mechcables Godspeed Custom Cable, Drop.com GB
  • Artisans:
    • Dwarf Factory Snoob Bear, Drop.com GB (Close up!)
    • Jelly Key Zen Pond Boreal Enter/Shift, Jelly Key direct GB (Close up!)

The Gamepad:

  • Keycaps: MiTo’s Godspeed MT3 Profile, Lunar Milky Way, Drop.com GB
  • Case: Prime Keyboards Prime-M, traded with a friend. This is one of the favorite things I own when it comes to mechanical keyboards. Super sturdy and weighty as it’s made of Aluminum and comes with a thick brass bottom plate.
  • PCB: Prime-M PCB. You can get the Light Version of the Kit here.
  • Switches: Novelkeys Novelias. Very Tactile switches. These were offered for a limited time only. Novelkeys is still my go to switch shop though and they carry some neat desk pads as well.
  • Cable: 3ft Mechcables Custom Cable. Ordered via Mechcable’s custom order form.

The Mouse: Corsair Scimitar, $79. This and the Razer Naga are both an MMO Gaming must have (I have both!). But enough about mouses. This blog is about mechanical keyboards, man.

The Desk Pad: Ktrio Extended Gaming Mouse Pad, $11.99.

Other Stuff: 

Thanks for tuning in! I was surprised that I even had subscribers so soon but was contacted about this series (is it even a series? I’m not sure..). After discussing it for a bit, I have decided that the next post will be a feature of his set up. I really do enjoy talking to you all (the few of you that are here so far). Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions. Or just say hi!