Best Desk Mats for your Office and Home Setups

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Desk Mats, Desk Pads, Large Mouse Pads… While they go by many different names, one constant is that you will almost always find a nice one incorporated in any mechanical keyboard enthusiast’s setup. They come in many shapes and sizes and depending on what you are looking for, they can be very functional while serving an aesthetic purpose as well.

This article will cover the best desk mats currently available online along with a few tips about how adding one to your setup might improve your overall aesthetic or experience. Specifically, we will be discussing desk mats which are also referred to as desk blotters, desk pads, or XL gaming pads.

Why are desk mats important for a smarter everyday setup?

As the gaming scene and e-sports become increasingly popular, people are also becoming increasingly aware of their own setup and how it looks and functions. Some even take away nuances from gaming setups for use in the workspace and office. But desk “blotters” and mats aren’t a new thing! They have been around for quite some time and have just recently returned to popularity. So why would it be important to have a full desk mat instead of just a mousepad? Well, you will definitely get a different answer depending on who you ask.

From a gamer’s perspective, having a large area for your mouse allows for more space on low sensitivity options. For some FPS gamers, this translates to better accuracy and a more engaging experience. Gamers who prefer compact keyboards like those featured in my article: Best Customizable 60% Mechanical Keyboards.

Office workers that tend to gravitate towards pen and paper need a padded surface for the ink to flow effectively. A desk mat provides this. Besides just functionality, having a desk mat is also a statement piece and can be seen as another opportunity to improve the aesthetics of their setup. When new colorways (What is a Colorway?) are released, often times you will also see corresponding Artisan Keycaps and Desk Pads to match. A great place to purchase matching deskpads is Not only are they a great resource for the hottest keycap group buys but they often sell matching deskpads to go with them! Here is an example of a keycap and deskpad matching set:

Here is an example of a GMK Camping themed setup that was previously featured in What’s on my Desk:

GMK Camping themed setup that was previously featured in What's on my Desk
From: What’s On My Desk? Ep. 3 (feat. @rnambu)

Since colorway deskpads or themed deskpads are less available, I will only make recommendations on deskpads that can be purchased right now. Please visit NovelKeys if you are interested in a colorway matching deskmat!

Best Desk Mats for the Office and Everyday Use

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These desk blotters by Aothia are an excellent option for office use providing a padded workspace suitable for all of your devices, notepads, keyboard, etc. The leather material adds a nuanced elegance to your workspace and makes a great statement piece. As with all deskpads, it is also a great way to partition your workspace. The best featue about this product listing fo Aothia’s Leather Desk Pad is that there are many color and size options to choose from which means that you can pick out the perfect addition to your setup! The second option also has a cork side which adds some extra versatility if you are ever fixing to switch things up.

Top 3 Desk Mats with RGB LED

GIM RGB Gaming Mouse Pad / Desk Mat

GIM RGB Gaming Mouse Pad / Desk Mat
  • ☆4 USB Port☆ Upgraded Large RGB mouse pad with 4 USB interface,more convinient to connect with...
  • ☆14 Lighting Modes☆ GIM rgb gaming mouse pad provides a great RGB back lit effect includes 11...
  • ☆Smart One Button Control☆ GIM rgb mouse pad has one single button to control on and off and...

The GIM RGB Gaming Mouse Pad is a full size mouse pad with awesome RGB functions and includes a 4-port USB interface built in. The added utility is a great value in itself. You can expect great quality and a great addition to your RGB setup. Added bonus: everyone knows that RGB automatically increases your KDR and helps you pwn noobs.

PHILIPS RGB Desk Pad with Wireless Charging

PHILIPS RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
  • HIGH QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE DESK PAD: Micro-textured cloth surface, for speed and control...
  • RGB LIGHTING MODES MOUSE PAD: with a Unique Starry Sky. This extra-thick RGB gaming mouse pad...
  • FOLDABLE LARGE MAT: The size of 31.5 x 12 inches will fit your desktop perfectly and provides great...

You know you are doing RGB LED right when you go with PHILIPS – the same brand that produces PHILIPS Hue smart light bulbs! Not only does this option have great quality, bright lighting, it also includes an optional 10W Wireless Fast Charging pad. The bightness and lighting mode are also adjustable with a simple button on the deskpad.

SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface

SteelSeries QcK Gaming Suface
  • The top choice of esports pros for nearly 20 years
  • Dynamic 2 zone RGB illumination and effects, including in game lighting and discord notifications
  • Easy and intuitive setup of in game lighting notifications

The SteelSeries option is definitely a premium deskpad with it’s superior software and Discord integration. The most unique and powerful feature of this option is the software integration and customizability (you know keebnerds love that!). This deskpad can be used in conjunction with the SteelSeries Engine software for full customizability and can even be programed to provide lighting notifications!

The micro-woven cloth that SteelSeries is known for is one of the most highly sought-after features in a deskpad and provides the most accuracy for your mouse while gaming. The only con I can think of is that you will have no excuse to your teammates when you miss your skill shots 😉

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