What’s On My Desk? Ep. 3 (feat. @rnambu)

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Welcome fellow keebnerds, keebros, and normal humans to another episode of What’s On My Desk?! Wait.. how did my setup change so drastically so quickly? Well, it’s not mine. This time, I am featuring a setup shared to me by a fellow mechanical keyboard enthusiast Ryan (ig: @rnambu). Ryan’s setup is full of fun stuff and as you probably noticed, he’s not afraid to show off his artisan collection. You know a guy really means business when he has not one mouse, but TWO. The setup itself is definitely up there when we are thinking cost but the level of coordination with the colorway and the bling are definitely well worth the investment. Here’s what our friend Ryan uses day-to-day:

The Keyboard

Keycaps: SA Camping

This colorway is very sought after and features forest green and neat camping themed novelties. This set can go for upwards of $300 aftermarket as they were run in limited group buys. The GMK (standard keycap profile) version has been run at Kono.Store and is currently having a round 2 group buy with Novelkeys.xyz here (ends 10/25/2019).

Board: RAMA Koyu – Sage with Moon Base

Yet another pricey/fancy addition to Ryan’s awesome setup. The RAMA Koyu keyboard is sold in bursts directly by RAMA, who is a well known designer in the hobby. If you thought the retail price was high at $360, this sturdy beautiful case kit can sell for almost double the price aftermarket.

Switches: Zeal 78g v2

Yet ANOTHER boutique component of this setup. Zeal is well known for having the best looking and best feeling switches around. At $1 per switch, they are definitely a splurge but well worth it.

Lots of Artisans

The Gamepad/Macropad

Keycaps: MORE SA Camping!

Board: Prime-M

Switches: NovelKeys Novelias (The likeness to my gamepad is uncanny!)

Artisans: Don’t need. Have SA Camping.

The Deskpad: Camping Colorway Themed Deskpad from Novelkeys

Other Stuff (and there’s a lot of it)

What are those two giant keycaps?!

These are part of NovelKeys’ Big Switch Series and are perfect for those of you with extra meaty hands. In Ryan’s case, they are foot button that he steps on for some quick macros in-game. The cassette looking piece is a spare PCB that is used to actually program the giant keys. Currently available at Keeb.io here.

Is that Master Chief I see?

Random Halo Master Chief Artisan Keycap from Spacecaps. The Master himself keeps Ryan company.

Gundam Stuff

Ryan also has his very own Haro Ball next to his Master Grade RGM-79G GM Command Colony Type figurine.


Schiit Magni (They say it’s the Schiit…*queue cricket chirps*) and Modi DAC/Amp Combo with Sennheiser H6XX for some serious sound.

And that’s a clack! Yup. I think that works. On The Keeblog, we say “That’s a clack!” now.

I’m not sure when I might have another feature available but these are definitely fun to write. Please send me an email if you want your desktop setup featured!