What to expect from this blog?

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Ok. Neat. So people have cool keyboards. How customizable can it actually be? Here are just a few features that people in the mechanical keyboard community customize to make their keyboard really theirs: 

  • Keycaps: Colorways / Color schemes, different shape profiles, premium plastics. 
  • Cases: Aluminum, Acrylic, 3d Printed. Cases tend to set the price for your setup.
  • Switches: How hard do you want to press those keys? You want to be obnoxiously loud and feel great doing it? Go for those Cherry Blue’s. How about silent and smooth (something that won’t drive your coworkers insane)? Head over ZealPC for their Zilents.
  • CABLES?! Yes. People get custom cables. They are sooper cool. 
  • LEDs: You either have them or you don’t. 
  • Layout: Giant keeb vs 40%? Split keyboard vs Ortholinear? Or maybe you literally just want a dedicated enter key.

You can expect to see a few in depth guides on all the above topics to help you customize a mechanical keyboard that you will truly enjoy typing on and calling your own.

In terms of content, I plan to post buying guides, lists, build logs, and articles on other neat stuff I might find. If people care enough, I have entertained the idea of having interviews with some of the hobby’s key players and possibly Artisan spotlights.

I have also designed my own handwired keyboard kit and will be posting an extensive guide on the build along with where to get all the part. Please stay tuned for that!

The ultimate goal of this blog is to create a good place to get started in the mechanical keyboard hobby. I’m definitely not a trained writer so you may find a casual tone in my posts. Simply put, I am passionate about this hobby and want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy typing on a custom board of their own. There are other blogs out there that may post similar content but my goal is not to mimic or even cover the same news but rather to create yet another great resource that can make this hobby great. 

What about the links? What’s with the links? Please read my quick disclosure on links you will find on my posts. This disclosure will always be available on the footer section and applies to all content.