Best Custom Keycap Sets You Can Buy Now or Pre-Order

Picture this: it’s 2021 and you are clacking away on your favorite keyboard but something is different. You’ve been home all 2020 playing the same videogames and scrambling to your Zoom meetings but something is off… That amazing mechanical keyboard you used to look forward to coming home to after a long day’s work is just… familiar, old, greasy, used up. You peek at your spacebar and there is an imprint of where your thumb has been resting all year – you know in your heart that your thumb deserves better. It’s time for something new. It’s time to switch out those grimy keycaps you typed on all last year or maybe you’ve had the same keycaps for longer than that

Best Desk Mats for your Office and Home Setups

This article will cover the best desk mats currently available online along with a few tips about how adding one to your setup might improve your overall aesthetic or experience. Specifically, we will be discussing desk mats which are also referred to as desk blotters, desk pads, or XL gaming pads.

The Keeblog Spotlight: Pimp My Keyboard

If you have been in the hobby for a while, you have most likely heard of or even shopped at www, and if you are new to the hobby… well, you will. Even if the name Pimp My Keyboard doesn’t ring any bells, you have probably considered at one point “GMK vs SA” or “DSA vs Cherry Profile”…

Best Customizable 60% Mechanical Keyboards

They are plenty of cheap gaming keyboards on Amazon but if you are into custom mechanical keyboards, most of what you will find simply won’t cut it. For this reason, I have compiled a quick list of a few keyboards that are well-known in the mechanical keyboard community or widely used among discerning gamers and … Read more

Keebwerk nano. Programming Guide

Looking back, I realized that actually programming the keebwerk nano. slider was not the easiest thing to do. Looking for an answer online was even more difficult so I figured I would share my experience here and possibly help others that are having trouble programming the keebwerk nanoslider. The keeb was simply too beautiful for … Read more

Coming Soon to The Keeblog!

Hello fellow keebros and keebnerds! Wanted to check in to let you know that there is more mechanical keyboard content on the way! I have recently been caught up with real life and other businesses but have been working behind the scenes on some quality content for all my readers. Here are just a few … Read more

Best Soldering Equipment for Building Your Mechanical Keyboard

One of the most important tools to have in the custom mechanical keyboard hobby is your handy dandy soldering iron. While hot-swap (solder-fee) connections are becoming increasingly popular in the hobby, you will find that most PCBs will require you to take the time to solder in in your mechanical switches manually. Although it may … Read more